How to Compliment Someone Who’s Lost Weight


Keep your mouth shut and just don’t.

Because while you’re complimenting them on how great they look, they may be wondering just how terrible they looked before.

While you’re envying their willpower, they may be planning their next binge.

While you’re telling them how much healthier they look, they may be having heart palpitations from malnutrition.

While you’re marveling at their fitness, they may be nursing multiple overuse injuries.

While you’re prattling on and on over how proud of them you are  they may be wondering if they have any worth to you beyond what they look like. 

And while it’s possible none of these apply to your loved one, do you really want to risk it? Do you really want to potentially harm someone you care about by complimenting them on something that has absolutely zero bearing on their worth as a human being?

This resolution season, please remember eating disorders and disordered eating comes in all shapes and sizes. You might call it dedication but too often it’s a hidden disease.  When you compliment their weight loss you might think you’re feeding their ego when in reality you’re feeding their eating disorder.

Your loved ones are so much more than their weight and fitness level. This year resolve to tell them exactly what not weight related thing makes them so amazing to you.

If you think you or someone you love may suffer from an eating disorder, NEDA has many resources that can help. Don’t wait. Get help today.

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