New Year, New Changes

Happy New Year! Just popping in to say that despite it’s best efforts 2018 DIDN’T BREAK ME! I hope you can say the same!

It’s been awhile, partly because of 2018’s desperate attempts to send me into permanent hiding under the covers and partly because I’d been struggling with what I was doing on this blog. Was this just random journal entries? A mommy blog? A mental health blog? Authenticity blog? My brain just couldn’t handle the randomness of it all. Every article I read about blogging was aimed at bloggers with very specific niches: sewing bloggers, crafting bloggers, foodie bloggers, cooking bloggers. There was nothing out there for super-random-no-real-point-except-to-occasionally-be-funny-usually-while -sharing-too-much-information-and-processing-crap-in-public bloggers.

I was thinking about all this while I was sitting in the bathroom escaping my kids (see! TMI blogger!) and it came to me. This blog needed a direction. Some way to focus it without being so narrow I felt stifled. Then it came to me. So without further ado I introduce the not very different but slightly more pointed blog vision statement (or mission statement. Or possibly this is just a tagline…I’m not entirely clear).

Awkwardly Magnificent: A blog about mental health, self acceptance and embracing all the awkward moments along the way.

Let me know what you think! And also the difference between a mission statement and a vision statement. Tell me about that too.

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