This is where I’m supposed to draw you in and get you so intrigued that you read all the posts I’ve ever written and be awed by my brilliance. ¬†Except in order to do that I’d have to have a hook or at least a general theme which I don’t.

So there you have it. I don’t know what this blog is about. That makes for one crappy about page. But all is not lost. Here’s what I do know.

I know one day I woke up and remembered how happy writing made me but I was so self critical I had stopped doing it. I desperately needed that happy back so I started a blog.

I know being vulnerable, open, and real are my living nightmare. I’ve spent more time and energy than I care to admit to avoiding them. This blog forces me to face those fears and is incredibly therapeutic. And occasionally awkward.

I know that if I have 3 followers or 300 it doesn’t matter. Writing is what I’m meant to be doing with my life right now so I’ll keep on keeping on.

I know that I love doing and being a hundred different things and that I can’t yet limit this blog to one topic. Writing, creativity, parenting, running, self discovery…Maybe someday it will narrow itself but until then I’ll just follow the roller coaster of thoughts from one topic to the next.