I was Going to Write Today but…

I was going to write today. I really was. Well, I was going to write all week but today? Today I was really going to do it. Today I was going to be witty and insightful and I’d definitely make somebody cry. But then the kids let us sleep in and I’d basically be a monster if I didn’t take advantage of that.

I was going to write today. I had it all planned out…I’d work on a blog post then dive into my novel for a few chapters and it would be great. But my office was too messy so I had to clean that up first.

I was going to write today. After the kids finished their “list of things to do before watching TV,” I was going to stick on a nice, long movie and take a good hour or two to rock it out. But one of the kids looked like maaaaaybe they were up for a snuggle and they definitely only protested a little bit when I yelled, “SNUGGLE PARTY” and NO THEY DID NOT ROLL THEIR EYES, WRIGGLE AWAY AND GO COLOR IN THE COLORING BOOK  THEY SWIPED FROM ME (they totally rolled their eyes, wriggled away and colored in the coloring book they swiped from me. And yes I have my own coloring book. And markers. Don’t you?). All this informed me that obviously they were in a bad mood and any good mom would definitely not leave them there in such a state, and of course I had to stick around in case they changed their minds and took me up on that snuggle offer (they didn’t change their minds but it’s okay. I had Pinterest to keep me company while I waited).

I was going to write today. Or if not I was at least going to read about writing because that’s almost as good. But then I saw that article, “27 CRAZIEST Vintage Ads” and I had to find out how crazy they were (pretty crazy). And when it immediately segued to “50 Chilling Last Photos” I couldn’t click away…that’s just rude. I mean, they were people’s last photos, let’s show a little respect! And no I have not already read both of those articles before so stop asking. Sheesh.

I was going to write today, dammit. I had the best of intentions. I kept telling myself, “You make time for the stuff that’s important! So what’s wrong with you? No one’s ever going to take you seriously.” But then I remembered that berating myself for being human is a pretty shitty way to treat myself. I remembered that life happens and kids happen and sometimes Pinterest and clickbait happens and despite it all, the work will still be there. The work will always be there.

And eventually I wrote.

4 thoughts on “I was Going to Write Today but…

  1. It’s ME!!!! Right down to the utterance of, “I was going to write today, dammit!” Because I may have said that exact phrase to my husband several days back!

    But, this season of my life is to prioritize being a wife and mom… and, currently helping my oldest son adjust to the change of our move and his new school. So, writing may not be as prioritized.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this read! Thank you for sharing what goes on in (probably all of) our heads!


    1. I’m sorry you’re struggling to fit in writing too! It’s sooooo hard but you’re right…it’s just the season of life. Solidarity. Sounds like you have a lot going on and you’re knocking the prioritization thing out of the park! Way to go mama and way to be there for your kiddo!

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