Awkwardly Magnificent??? Possibly just awkward. CASE IN POINT

So today I recorded an interview with Heather Robertson from the Half Size Me podcast. It all went well…I rambled a bit (which is my normal so nothing new there), and Toast Masters would be APPALLED at the number of “ums” and “ahs” I inserted but overall I thought it went well. I even got to give out my info on this fledgling blog which is totally neat because readers are fun and it would be kind of nice to have more than 1 follower (spoiler: that one follower IS MYSELF. I know because I got excited and checked and no, it’s just me. That’s really silly that I am my own follower…but that’s neither here nor there).

What IS here AND there is the fact that I proceeded to give her:


Yes, you read that right. My first time I get to call myself a blogger/writer OUTLOUD, IN PUBLIC, FOR REALSIE and I hand them THE WRONG BLOG NAME, WEB ADDRESS AND EMAIL ADDRESS.

I even spelled it out. WRONG.

Mortified. Dying.

But I’ll also admit I’m laughing hysterically and scaring the cats because OF COURSE I gave the wrong name because my life is awkwardly magnificent and not just magnificent and frankly this is the kind of stuff that keeps me from taking myself too seriously.

I emailed her assistant so maybe they can edit me out and just have her give the correct information.

Or maybe it’ll just be me following myself for awhile longer.


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