So You’re in Love with Lizzo…Now What? Part 1: Curate your Feed

In this, the year of our Lizzo 2019, we learned many things. We learned that truth hurts, we are 100% that bitch, and that you really could have had said bad bitch (and all those truthbombs come from just from one of her songs). Thanks to Lizzo, we’re all riding the wave of body love and acceptance and it feels good as hell. But what happens next? As summer fades and the next hit song replaces Lizzo’s empowering tunes (only on the radio! Never in our hearts!) how do we keep on embracing beautiful, powerful bodies exactly as they are? How do we do use Lizzo’s refreshing presence in the mainstream to launch us into the hard work of self-acceptance? This series will provide a small but hopefully helpful list to get you started or keep you going.


Lizzo’s hot as hell, unapologetically fat body graces your Instagram feed now, but who else is there? The more we look at different types of bodies the more our appreciation for what we consider beautiful expands. Who stars in your feed? What color are they? What size? What shape?  When I first started embracing my body exactly as it was, I objectively looked at my Insta feed and was appalled. I followed maybe two people of color and a whole butt load of fitspo sites. No wonder I was having trouble loving myself as I was…I wasn’t seeing anything beyond thin, fit, white girls. Now I inundate myself daily with a variety of anti-diet, body positive messages and beautiful bodies in all shapes, sizes, colors, and gender identities.  it helps me see the beauty in everyone (myself included).  Some ideas for following (besides @lizzobeeating, obviously).

@fatwomenofcolor @flynfluffy @fattyinmotion @taranajaneen @chr1styharrison @themilitantbaker @shooglet @mynameisjessamyb @bodyposipanda @glitterandlazers @fatlippodcast @yrfatfriend @theefluffylife @happyfattransman @mermaidqueenjude

Please remember this is only a very VERY small slice of the amazing accounts that are our there. I’m constantly curating and adjusting who I follow to be as inclusive as possible. For example today I realized I wasn’t following any persons with disabilities so I’m seeking to change that.

All bodies are beautiful, not just Lizzo’s. All bodies are beautiful INCLUDING yours. Let your Instagram feed reflect.

I’d love to hear who you’re following and why so I can expand my own list and pass on the love! Comment below with your favs.

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