Word(s) o’ the Year and also I don’t keep resolutions well

I’ve never been one for New Years resolutions. Well, at least not the kind of resolution you admit out loud in the presence of others.  I may be somewhat of a glutton for punishment but even that is setting me up for too much fail. No, no I much prefer the silent resolutions you idly make in your head; the “perfect year” passing fancies  you can cheerfully, and just as silently, break to smithereens on January 2nd. Like, ‘hmm, I should stop drinking Diet Dr. Pepper  and remove Genies and Gems from my phone’ and then immediately cracking a cold one with breakfast while simultaneously beating level 222 of aforementioned terrible phone game. Since you never told anyone, it doesn’t count. And anyways, January 1st is not particularly magical. If you want to make a resolution, really any old day will do. No use waiting around for a specific day…but that’s a whole different topic and probably me deflecting from the fact that I absolutely beyond a doubt suck at resolutions.

While I may not be one for resolutions I am intrigued by the “word of the year” trend being bandied about by celebrities and mere mortals alike (to be fair this may not be a new trend as I am woefully out of touch with any trends whatsoever). Words like, “Leap” and “Joy,” “Balance” and “Dream”. These words often seemed to be paired with an intention and a vision board but that’s a liiiittle too out there for me . But a word? A word I can get behind. Maybe two because I like words. Nothing too woo. Simple. Direct. This I can do. So I did.

Curiosity & Trust

So for a person who thinks vision boards are too “out there” on the woo scale I have an oddly unshakeable belief in signs from the universe (I never claimed to be a rational human being). Throughout my life I’ve always looked for little things to give me hope that I’m headed in the right direction…and when I’m at an impasse I can usually count on the universe to start throwing me some hints. There have been many times my choices were strongly influenced by road names and song lyrics (I told you I’m not rational). Recently the universe has been sending me books. Books that are pointing me to two words: curiosity and trust.

TO BE CONTINUED OTHERWISE THIS WOULD BE A RIDICULOUSLY LONG POST AND EVEN FEWER PEOPLE WOULD READ IT. Aka I’m going to break this down into 2 posts, 1 for each word o’ (now short for word o’ the year. I may copyright).

But out of curiosity, does anyone else do the word of the year thing? What are your word/s for 2018?

And more importantly; am I the only one who has basically let the department of transportation (or whoever names streets) guide major life choices in the name of “signs from the universe??????”



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