I Actually Did It

Today I am up at 6:02 am and that is how I know I’ve made the right choice. I have never been a morning person. Not naturally. I can force myself up with a minimum of 2 alarms and 2.5 extra hours built in but with the exception of Christmas morning, I don’t wake or rise easily. Yet today, here I am with no alarms, no prodding and, sadly, no presents. I woke up excited at the ass crack of dawn for one reason only: to write.

Yesterday was my final day at my job. It was the last day to  change my mind or say HAHA just kidding! Stable job with a great pension I CHOOSE YOU! But I didn’t. Instead I said a lot of good byes to some amazing people. I wrote some sappy emails. I played a few pranks. I engaged in multiple awkward hugs. And I never, not once, questioned my choice. Do you know what it felt like? It felt like waking up. Like I’d finally tore through the thin, gauzy curtain blocking my face and the world I saw was more vibrant and exciting than I imagined.

Not that it particularly matters but I do want to clarify that I did not hate my job. It’s important to my spirit (and maybe my superstition) that the universe finds me grateful. I am, after all, relying on the universe a lot right now and I’d rather enter this new phase with the best karma I possibly can. If that makes me totally woo-woo so be it but I don’t want to risk pissing off the universe quite yet.

So there it is. I did it. I actually did it. I quit my job. No backsies.

And now my youngest is up and he smells like pee and I’ve already had to explain that no, I can’t kiss his eyeball even if it does hurt and here comes the other one who apparently woke up raring to pack for our upcoming trip that’s not for almost a week with the most important items to pack being necklaces, bracelets and an egg shaker.


I should probably have some kind of poignant insightful ending to this but now they’re fighting over the ice cream truck (yes, we have a mini ice cream truck). Maybe tomorrow I’ll get up a little earlier.

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