Obligatory Sucky First Blog Post

I have officially run out of easy ways to procrastinate writing this first blog post. I have tidied up my writing space (aka completely unpacked the room since we just moved in). I moved my desk to a different wall to see if the light was better there (it wasn’t). I hid from an Amazon delivery guy (I’ve watched Criminal Minds…I know better). I watered the half dead plants. I switched out my desk chair to something more comfortable. I started a cross stitch project (random). At this point, to procrastinate any further would mean taking drastic measures like folding laundry or vacuuming. So now I’m basically procrastinating on folding laundry and vacuuming by doing the thing I was procrastinating doing in the first place. Moral of the story is, this is my first blog post and it is going to suck.

Why is it going to suck? Because all first blog posts suck. Go to your favorite blog and scroll waaaaaaaaaaay back to the beginning; back before the blogger had a clear picture of what their blog was about…before they found their voice and their groove and all they had was a vague idea, a desperate need to write and a wild fantasy of becoming an immediate internet success based solely on their witty quips. Read it. It probably sucks.

First post are that terrible first date where you’re desperately trying to impress your readers enough that they’re willing to give you a second chance to not suck quite so badly.  You try just a little too hard to be cool, or funny or deep. Like first dates, blog posts are awkward, full of pressure to be brilliant and utterly terrifying (now in the name of self disclosure this is only how I think most first dates go. It’s been awhile and it turns out my now husband didn’t even know our first date was an actual date so I am by no means a first date expert). The pressure and fear of the first blog post is the reason I, for one, have started SO many blogs in my head and never actually moved on to its creation–I don’t know how to introduce the concept. So in the name of getting this sucky first blog post over with, here’s the skinny:

This blog is about getting off the path that you thought you had to take and onto the path you want to take. It’s about a girl who went through some crap, survived it, went through some more crap and then realized she needed to stop worrying so much about the outside stuff and needed to start working on the inside stuff…the important stuff. This blog is about a mom who quit her job to be with her kids, write, and figure out who she is and not who she thinks she should be.  This is a blog about one human who, awkward moment by awkward moment, is piecing together her own truth, her own meaning, and her own life.

So that, my friends, was my first, sucky blog post. It should get better from here so I beg you to give me a second date.

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